Hamdan Sports Complex hosts Dubai 3×3 basketball tournament

065The UAE Basketball Association and Dubai Sports Council, together with their partners, Pilipinas Premiere League and Event Management, International Sport Academy, Hoops Basketball Academy Dubai and Sport Arena, will organize a second 3×3 basketball tournament, as a side event of the FIBA U17 World Championship.

The first event took place last weekend at Al Ahli Club, but now the action will move to Hamdan Sports Complex where a 3×3 official basketball court will be set-up for 15 and 16 of August.

Teams from Open and U18 categories can register via the FIBA portal, www.3x3planet.com, while the teams for U14 category can register via the contact form from our website.

The registration is free and a total prize money of 1000 USD will be awarded.


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