Dubai 3×3 Basketball review

The winners of the Dubai 3×3 Basketball – Stage 2 had plenty of reasons to be happy at the end of a two day competition. 

They played at their best, they enjoyed a weekend full of basketball and they received their prizes, medals and trophies on the court, during the halftime of the bronze medal game of the FIBA U17 World Championships, between Serbia and Spain. The tournament had a total money prizes of 1.500 USD.


The award ceremony was presented by HE Abdulla Al Ansari, HE Mansour Al Hashimi and HE Khalid Al Hanaei, from the UAE Basketball Association, one of the main organizers of this 3×3 basketball competition, together with Dubai Sports Council and their partners Sport Arena and Extra International Sport.

And what can be bigger than to be honored on the same stage as your idols. Natasa Tasic for example, a former professional Serbian player that won the 3×3 women competition, being named the MVP also, received her trophy and then watched her favorite national team winning the bronze medals.


It was a special tournament, organized in an unusual place, at the main entrance of Hamdan Sports Complex, just a couple of meters from the state-of-the-art pools of this architectural beauty. The 3×3 basketball court was set up in less than four hours and it was the main stage for the second Dubai 3×3 Basketball tournament organized as a side event for the FIBA U17 World Championships.


And some of the skills that basketball players showed on the court had a lot in common with diving, the main sport in Hamdan Sport Complex. Leaving everything on the floor and diving for every ball was a big part of some very competitive games, while some of the players seemed that they really used some invisible trampolines to fly above the rim.


With many games ended in overtime, some spectacular crossovers, some fancy assists and some jaw-dropping dunks, all mixed up with the cheering of the fans and the entertaining playlist of DJ Mike, Dubai 3×3 Basketball – Stage 2, was a real joy for everybody.

Even for Al Ain club basketball players who were the special guests in the All Star Game, where they played against the best 3×3 basketball players of the tournament.


And quoting a famous movie dialog, this must be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between basketball lovers from UAE and 3×3 basketball, a discipline that is developing worldwide at full speed.

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