Diving for the ball: 3×3 basketball at Hamdan Sports Complex

Just a couple of meters from the state-of-the-art pools of the Hamdan Sports Complex, a 3×3 basketball court set up in less than four hours was the main stage for the second Dubai 3×3 Basketball tournament organized as a side event for the FIBA U17 World Championships.

And some of the skills that basketball players showed on the court had a lot in common with diving, the main sport in Hamdan Sport Complex. Leaving everything on the floor and diving for every ball was a big part of some very competitive games, while some of the players seemed that they really used some invisible trampolines to fly above the rim.

With three games ended in overtime, some spectacular crossovers, some fancy assists and some jaw-dropping dunks, all mixed up with the cheering of the fans and the entertaining playlist of the DJ, the first day of the Dubai 3×3 Basketball – Stage 2, was a real joy for everybody.

And this is not all. Saturday we will finish in style with the championship games and the award ceremonies for every category.

We wait every basketball lover from Dubai to join us for entertaining games, contests for the fans, a slam-dunk contest and more and more fun.

Click here for the game schedule for Saturday, 16 August  

Dubai 3×3 Basketball is organized by UAE Basketball Association and Dubai Sports Council, together with their partners, Sport Arena, Extra International Sport, Pilipinas Premiere League and Event Management, Dubai Hoops Academy and FY Sports.

Winners of the first Dubai 3×3 Basketball tournament

Teams Gide Kids (U14), Pondpark Boys (U18) and Serbija (Open) were the winners of the first DUBAI 3×3 BASKETBALL tournament, organized as a side event for the FIBA U17 World Championships. A second 3×3 tournament will take place on 15-16 of August, ar Hamdan Sports Complex. 

Gide Kids was the surprise winner of the Under 14 category. After two loses against their main rivals, Team Persia, in the pool phase of the competition, Gide Kids game big in the most important game and won the final.

It was the same story for the Under 18 category also. Team Pondpark had a tough loss, 13-15 in front of Young Blood in the pool phase, but took their revenge in the Championship Game, beating their opponents, 18-13.

The Open category ended with the victory of Team Serbija, who won their final against AUD, 16-13. 



1. Gide Kids

2. Persia

3. Hans Palad


1. Pondpark Boys

2. Young Blood

3. Three Giants & a Baby

Open (over 18)

1. Serbija

2. AUD

3. Mean Machine


Plenty of action at Dubai 3×3 Basketball

The UAE Basketball Association and Dubai Sports Council, together with its partners, Pilipinas Premiere League and Event Management, International Sport Academy and Sport Arena, organized the first FIBA endorsed 3×3 basketball tournament in Dubai, as a side event of the FIBA U17 World Championship.

Play and have fun was the motto of the competition, and the players enjoyed the usual atmosphere of a 3×3 basketball event. The tournament featured three categories, under 14, under 18 and Open (plus 18) and it was plenty of action from the very beginning.

The players showcased their talents and everybody who was present in the tent placed near the Al Ahli Club Arena could enjoy some spectacular moments. Nice passes, well executed long range shots or slam-dunks were the main ingredients of a great afternoon.

The two day competition it’s only the first organized during the FIBA U17 World Championships. A second one will take place on 15th and 16th of August, at Hamdan Sports Center, where the eliminatory round of the World Championships will take place.

Both tournaments are FIBA endorsed and players will gain points in the FIBA 3×3 World Rankings, contributing also to the national ranking of UAE in the FIBA 3×3 competitions.

For more information about the competition visit the official website, www.3x3uae.com and the official facebook page, www.facebook.com/3x3UAE

Play and have fun: Dubai 3×3 basketball tournament

The UAE Basketball Association and Dubai Sports Council, together with its partners, Pilipinas Premiere League and Even Management, International Sport Academy and Sport Arena, will organize two 3×3 basketball tournaments, during the FIBA U17 World Championship that is taking place in Dubai, between 7 and 16 of August 2014.

Called Dubai 3×3 Basketball, the competitions are open to the general public and will feature three age categories: U14, for boys and girls, U18, for boys and girls and Open (over 18) for men and women. The registration is free of charge and will be made via the official website of the competition, www.3x3uae.com

The first tournament will take place on 7 and 8 August, at Al Ahli Sporting Club, near the basketball arena, in an air conditioned tent. The registrations start today and teams can register online, but also at the location, prior to the competition. The registration closes on 7th of August at 15.00h, and the competition will start on the same day at 17.00h.

The games schedule will be posted at the location and also online, on the official website and on the official Facebook page, www.facebook.com/3x3UAE

Each player will benefit from a free of charge water supply during the competition.

The second tournament will take place on 14th and 15th of August, in front of Hamdan Sport Center. The registration for the second tournament will start on 10th of August with a deadline on 13th of August, at 22.00 PM.

The winners of the first tournament will be top seeds for the second tournament.

The competitions will follow FIBA 3×3 Rules of the Game, that you can find on our website (https://3x3uae.com/rules)