Team Serbija wins the Open category at Dubai 3×3

Team Serbija was the winner of the first Dubai 3×3 Basketball tournament, organized by UAE Basketball Association and the Dubai Sports Council, together with their partners, Pilipinas Premiere League and Event Managenent, International Sports Academy and Sport Arena.

Serbiaj beat teams AUD and Mean Machine on the way to the final, where they meet again with the AUD. After a cruising victory in the pool game, Serbija find it more difficult to overpass again their opponents in the championship game. Leading by e comfortable margin, Team Serbija was shaked by the opponents with some well executed three point shots, but after all managed to survive and won 16-13.

DUBAI 3×3 Basketball continues also on Friday, starting 09.00 AM, with the games for U18 and U14 categories. The competition is held next to Al Ahli Club Arena, in a air conditioned tent.

Dubai 3×3 Basketball is a FIBA endorsed event.

Play and have fun: Dubai 3×3 basketball tournament

The UAE Basketball Association and Dubai Sports Council, together with its partners, Pilipinas Premiere League and Even Management, International Sport Academy and Sport Arena, will organize two 3×3 basketball tournaments, during the FIBA U17 World Championship that is taking place in Dubai, between 7 and 16 of August 2014.

Called Dubai 3×3 Basketball, the competitions are open to the general public and will feature three age categories: U14, for boys and girls, U18, for boys and girls and Open (over 18) for men and women. The registration is free of charge and will be made via the official website of the competition,

The first tournament will take place on 7 and 8 August, at Al Ahli Sporting Club, near the basketball arena, in an air conditioned tent. The registrations start today and teams can register online, but also at the location, prior to the competition. The registration closes on 7th of August at 15.00h, and the competition will start on the same day at 17.00h.

The games schedule will be posted at the location and also online, on the official website and on the official Facebook page,

Each player will benefit from a free of charge water supply during the competition.

The second tournament will take place on 14th and 15th of August, in front of Hamdan Sport Center. The registration for the second tournament will start on 10th of August with a deadline on 13th of August, at 22.00 PM.

The winners of the first tournament will be top seeds for the second tournament.

The competitions will follow FIBA 3×3 Rules of the Game, that you can find on our website (

A fast growing sport discipline: 3×3 basketball

With over 250 million players worldwide and ranked among the most played recreational sports on the planet, 3×3 basketball is increasingly becoming a key motor for the development of basketball.

One of the biggest strengths of 3×3 is its simplicity both in terms of rules and in terms of required facilities, allowing it to be held in the most spectacular settings, using iconic landmarks as backdrops.

Beyond ensuring a sustained growth in the number of basketball players, FIBA has created a worldwide sports community through a network of hundreds of organisers, thousands of tournaments and millions of players. The online community interconnects all of these thanks to the latest digital technology.

Members of 3x3Planet can interact using their computers or mobile phones via the Mobile App that allows them to team-up and organise pick-up games with other players nearby, register for tournaments and record results of their games.

Points accumulated result in the main indicator of how good an individual player is the Ranking.

The more ballers play, the better their chances are of improving this indicator, increasing the number of games played on the courts and playgrounds everywhere, and absorbing an ever-growing number of members.

A global network of open tournaments, from grassroots to the FIBA 3×3 World Tour, and National Team FIBA 3×3 World Championships are at the forefront of the development of 3×3 basketball, with the discipline already setting its sights on gaining Olympic status.